Help with Life Change

Life Change is a fact of life and unavoidable. However, the impact can be minimized with proper planning and help from people who understand the emotional implications, and who are skilled in helping you navigate this season of life.

Transitions & Life Change

The Challenge

Often a life change involves downsizing, or simply stated, moving from big to smaller. Many people are overwhelmed by the scope of the challenge and feel it to core. We can help with these transitions by taking the homeowner or family member through the process of discovering what is needed for the next stage of life and what is not.

Emotional Issues

Whatever the change, it's important for the person transitioning to understand that they can continue to have the things they enjoy and hold dear. Truthfully, they must part with some of their things. However, we can show them how to hang on to the beautiful objects acquired during their lifetime, and help to ease the pain of parting with other things.

Downsizing can also mean closing out a loved one’s home after a death. We understand the complexities of grief and would love to be of service through this stage of life. We can work with family members, organize the contents, and get the home ready to place on the market.

Assist in Planning

The key to a successful transition is thoughtful planning. Many people facing a significant change find planning difficult, either because their emotions are high, their mental capacity may be limited, or they've never faced this process before.

We Simplify

We have been on the journey with people experiencing transitions and life change dozens of times. There's no other company like us. Though each situation has it's own unique circumstances, every case has similarities. We have a plan to fit the needs of your family member or loved ones. Or perhaps you're alone, and you could use some help from us. We would love to. Please give us a call. 

Carrying the Load

Page Bratcher and Cherry Shupp have worked for more than two decades with people of all ages during their happiest and saddest moments of life.  We can gently take you through these life changes, and help minimize the load.

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