Bring the Holiday Cheer!

Holidays can be chaotic for professionals and people slammed for free time. Let us help you celebrate with your friends and family in a festive atmosphere.

Holidays & Decorations


Christmas should be a season filled with happy memories of spending time with friends and family, sharing gifts around a beautifully decorated tree, twinkle lights in the background, a cozy fireplace nearby... and the list goes on. Sometimes, however, Christmas is sheer madness. The expectations to get everything perfect can be overwhelming to say the least.

At iOrganize Life, we can help you with setting up and taking down your interior decorations. Do you have a vision for something new this year? If so, let's sit down and discuss a budget. We can handle all the work, so... You'll have the pleasure of making memories.


Here's a season which means so many things to different groups of people. If it's just the Easter Bunny and her colored eggs, or the Christian Resurrection, or even a Jewish Passover motif, we've got a design theme that will work for you. Just tell us what you're looking for during the free consultation, and we'll make this season a splash for your friends and family.


We L O V E spooky... inside and out! So you're tired of being that blasé home in the neighborhood where kids and parents debate whether to ring the doorbell or just egg your dimly-lit house. Why not give trick-or-treat-er's in fad costumes a real jolt this year. Step Up your game and send us a smoke signal. No other company in San Antonio is known by the moniker, "Shivers 'R' Us."


Did we hear you say, "Fall is my favorite season." We love all those vibrant colors too: red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown... so many options to dazzle the eye. Not only will your friends and family be impressed with the decorations, but you will etch a memory that will never fade. 

Special Seasons

We're pretty familiar with all the basics, but if you've got a challenge that we've not listed here, "Bring it ON! There's nothing our imagination can't handle! Just give us a call. We love holidays.

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